My Brother Works For a Towing Company

My brother is always trying new things

I am the second born of the two children in our family. The difference in the number of our years is really huge. Sometimes I think I came as a surprise. My brother had always been dreaming about working for a towing company in Jacksonville. He had been talking about it to everyone who cared to lend him an ear. In fact, by the time I was realizing myself, he had already discovered this passion and he used to mention it to me every time our parents bought me a toy truck. At that time, I was fascinated by the idea and I thought that I would follow the same path too.

When he completed college, mind you I was not even at high school level yet, he decided to follow his star. Our parents tried to convince him to look for another job in the meantime before an opportunity in the towing industry presented itself but he could hear none of it. He was determined to kick start his career in a towing company and it seemingly did not matter to him the position he would be taken in for. I have never seen all that resilience in one human being in my entire life. Honestly, if there is a person who deserved an opportunity in that industry, it was my brother.

After a few months of tarmacking and following up on his applications, one company in Jacksonville recognized him. I cannot clearly remember the exact role he was given as I was too young. The only thing I knew then is that my brother would be moving around in those big tow trucks that I had been admiring. I did not need to look for my hero anywhere else; my brother had just filled that vacancy. My parents, however, did not really approve of that idea. They had been preparing my brother for a white collar job all through. How dare he let their efforts go down the drain? My brother made it clear that his future was up to him and they had no other option but to let him go. website

Currently, my brother is a managing director in that towing company. Hey bro rock your junk, I know you are curious to know the course that my life followed. I will not share these details today. Nevertheless, I am happy for my one and only sibling. He joined the company at almost the lowest level of staff but he worked his way up the ladder without using any unethical means. You should see the grin on this young man’s face as he is teasing our parents whenever he visits home.

Is Jacksonville Planning Tow Truck Races?

Is Jacksonville planning on having tow truck races any time soon?

Jacksonville is one of the largest cities in the United States and she does not fall short of surprises. She is amazing in her own way and no other city in the entire Florida can match to her innovation and now we she be hosting tow truck races?

Recently, there has been an upsurge in the number of towing companies. The population is increasing day in day out which translates to an increase in the number of vehicles on the road. More vehicles mean more business for all companies related to the motor vehicle industry and towing is one of them. The success of the towing business has also led to the opening of many businesses selling tow trucks.

The intensified competition has increased the quality of Jacksonville tow truck service. Companies are stretching their resources as far as possible to ensure that they offer high-quality service. In order to survive in such a market, resourcefulness is a key factor to consider. If the number of tow trucks being purchased is anything to go by, then one would be inclined to think that companies are gearing up for a race.

Tow trucks come in different shapes, sizes and also varieties. Their suitability to the particular line of work is what determines whether they are fit for a company or not.

In the past, we did not have so many different types of trucks. The choice of the consumer was therefore very limited. Recently, the trucks coming to the market are of many types. Two trucks may be meant for the same purpose, say flatbed towing but have very different features. If you have not witnessed any of the above and these statements sound like Greek to you, make a trip to Jacksonville. I assure you it will be worth your while.

Just a few days ago, I was just hobnobbing with a group of friends in a certain restaurant when one of them suggested that a tow truck race should be organized in Jacksonville. He continued to add that such a race would enable each company to showcase their speed of responsiveness to their clients. At that table, there were two people working with towing companies. The idea looked crazy to all of us except the two. They did not take it as a joke if at all these people laugh when jokes are made. Not even a grin was visible on any of their faces. I dismissed the idea as fast as it was said. Was it even possible?

I was therefore amazed when one of these friends called me and told me that they were looking for a tow truck that can race. You mean they were considering this idea? I could not believe it. Anyway, I connected him to a specialist in that field and left it at that. I have been visiting several towing companies since that day and it seems these people have embraced the idea. The jalopies that were previously being used as tow trucks have all been replaced by modern and strong trucks. There seems to be a sign that we are missing here. Is Jacksonville planning on having a tow truck race? website

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